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Last year Google included mobile compatibility, as one of the key user experience factors, to its search ranking algorithm and elevated the websites, which complied with its mobile-friendly guidelines, in mobile search results.

Earlier this year, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a new initiative to help webmasters create faster mobile websites that are instantly available to users and much easier to navigate (just like Facebook instant articles).

Understandably, some of my girl friends were extremely upset about her position. Then, if the relationship becomes serious, I would let her pay every now and then!

Pick up these 201 fun discussion questions for couples.This can potentially have a huge impact on search results in the coming days and months.As a niche marketer, you need to keep a close eye on the evolution of Google search and how it impacts your business. You are not giving them the same treatment/ love they gave you . That is why they constantly get hurt and not happily in love.” ― Kyos Magupe tags: advice, attention, attitude, avenge, business, character, characteristics, citizen, concern, corporate, courtship, dailysun, dating, dating-advice, dating-quotes, dating-tips, dj, dj-kyos, djkyos, education, empty-tin, encouragement, entreprenuer, fight, happiness, hate, haters, ignorence, inspiration, intelligence, journalism, joy, joyful, know, kyos-magupe, leader, lessons, life, life-lessons, lifestyle, live, living, love, love-quotes, management, marriage-goals, marriage-tips, married-life, media, mind, mind-power, motivation, name, news, newspaper, notice, people, people-talk, philosopher, philosophy, power, qoute, quotes, recognition, recognize, relation, relationship, relationship-advice, relationship-goals, relationship-quotes, revenge, romance-qoutes, social-media, solution, sowetan, stress, stupidity, success, sundaytime, sundayworld, teaching, teachings, the-theory-of-46-be-s, wisdom, words “I have heard it said that one loses a woman by loving her too much, that an affectation of coldness, from time to time, brings better results. To find out that you are not doing half of the things he/she did for you.

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