Dating gift guide

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You can begin to give gifts to a character when you have 3 or more Hearts with them. Below is a list of all the cut-scenes that happen in this game and how to get them.Many of these are played when a certain amount of progress to The Constellations has been made.This relationship gift guide is the key to narrowing down exactly what to get your date (or your no-strings-attached friend) for their holiday of choice, but first there are some things you need to consider.Before checking out our gifting suggestions, ask yourself a couple questions: 1.Sleeping/resting and visiting planets increases progress towards The Constellations.

“It’s really about what you want the gift to say and what you have to go on in terms of the relationship.” Functional gifts such as a tech or travel accessory for your newish significant other is a safe way to go, she says. The minute that you say, ‘Use this every day and think of me,’ there’s a different sort of pressure there,” she says, referring to personal gifts like fragrance or jewelry.

Inside jokes are the perfect starting point for even the most clueless gift giver, Suri says.

“It doesn’t have to be super-meaningful, but it should hit the right tone,” she says.

Once 10 virtual gifts have been received, the Attractive member may redeem them for a 30-day premium upgrade to their account!

So what exactly do each of the Virtual Gifts really mean or imply?

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