G dragon cl dating

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Then he came to Korea to make a photoshoot with me and my band and that’s how we met. When our first album came out, Jeremy saw the video and I was wearing his shoe collaboration with Adidas.We can’t see each other that often, but we keep in touch, and when we are together we go shopping, we eat, we talk. CL: Well, Japan has a lot of good vintage places and all these crazy clothes, these Japanese punk kind of clothes. He went to Saint Martins here in London and we’ve been working together since our first album.So I go to Tokyo mostly, and then I’ll go to Hong Kong for brands, because they have everything there. He’s actually with me right now, upstairs in a hotel room.

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On the top of that when GD was at the stairs, he was purposively giving way to others in order to wait Dara there.59.

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Recently in an interview CL was told that people ship herself and G-Dragon together as a couple, CL found this funny and pretty shocking, but over the last few days fans have thought that CL & GD have become more closer than we thought…

This is because 2014 was known as the “Dating Generation,” a year most of the K-pop group’s members were getting into relationships.

Little would they know that one year later, almost all of those relationships would end.

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